John Tang

Ten Things I’d rather do than Write

Posted in Sketchbook by Jt's Item Roster on March 8, 2012

Things I’d rather do than write: (1) Watch The Office on the laptop on the internet. (2) Eat a full meal with brown rice and two pieces of spam on an oily paper plate. (3) Eat four more pieces of spam because I ran out of brown rice. (4) Look for music on the internet and play it until it ends and replay it; by the second time I’m already on a different webpage. (4) Prepare my lecture on creative writing so I didn’t look like an idiot come Tuesday afternoon. (5) Read my favorite authors randomly off my bookshelf or my backpack. (6) Read one of Rilke’s letters to a young poet and encourage my future imaginary student to do the same, and prepare for Tuesday’s lecture on creative writing. (7) Find the submission date for my thesis online. (8) Change the themes on my WordPress, sometimes in a solid black and white scheme, sometimes quirky like the model for Esquire magazine. (9) Check on the internet for update from my favorite rap musician, hoping something novel has come out. (10) Think about what hasn’t been finished on my imaginary island that existed somewhere above Australia: The Nibui Island.


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