John Tang

Cato’s House for the Most Part

Posted in Sketchbook by Jt's Item Roster on June 9, 2010

On Bingo’s Diet

Five minutes ago, Bingo had finished his silver dish of dog food. James had plans of walking him at five, but since Bingo ate, James was worried about Bingo’s health. Yet now Bingo had a tennis ball in his mouth, looking for Gabe and stepping away all around the house. James asked himself, “Why do you want to play now, Bingo, you just ate?” While typing and staring blindly into the wooden floor, John offered a suggestion to Bingo’s diet:

Because he has a different digestive system

No, he’s stupid

Write that down, John.  James commanded in humor. No, don’t write it down.

Write it down, Arian said from the kitchen. That’s a good one

Nah, don’t.

No, it’s good.

It just doesn’t give out any real facts.

No, it’s good, James.


Playing Modern Warfare

One both knees, in black jeans, he was sure the knife sliced Racleo before the bullets.  How did you run? Arian asked. “Damn it. I didn’t want t see this.” Slouching further down, lowering shoulder onto the coffee table, his character on the television crept behind the box, the scope honed on two soldiers who suddenly crossed the pile of gray trash tinged in day. Racleo and James admitted they were occupied with the wrong person, as they chased Gabe. Then in the chase Arian found them under the brick arc.

Oh my gosh, who is this? Gabe asked. Oh, you got me. James is watching…through radar. He is a CIA on the helicopter. Jesus man, how does he keep getting the radar?

Oh my gosh

Where’s the radar? Gabe said mocking James.

That was hella hard to find.


Gabe on a Leather Couch (A monologue in three parts)

Anime is genius. One of the dialogues is interesting. They can create an imaginary friend. And have a conversation. A civil conversation. And have an existence. One of the thing…there was this girl. One of the episode, the girl gather a piled of junk and life sprung out of it. IT couldn’t speak language. All had it was nodding. They would ask a question .They would ask all the right questions. Everything she asked was considerate. Like…She was speaking perfectly, and you know, how you play a game of twenty questions to get, what do you call it, to get (James what are the two scientific question or…method of investigation). Deduce and what the other one? Some anime are really good. So she was talking to this pile of junk, I guess its like that it form consciousness, wherever they lived in this world, their in the scene in the field and the robot looking at everything strangely:  ‘this girl, they’re a lot of flight here, to me it’s completely… It was completely normal to her, you’re familiar with this aren’t you.’  And she would understand it completely. Although they never said word to each other, they understood each other.


He’s only made of pile of junk, so he didn’t have the tools to speak. In his own consciousness could only talk to himself.


You can’t run him out now, James. He’s eating. Five o’clock, you’re stupid. You should have ate with Bingo. Now you can’t do it. Man, we were so close to having Melissa over. We were so close. I don’t know what happened. We asked if she wanted to do it? Today? Eh, what made her flipflop?


Afternoon at the Cato’s Table

Three of us sat around Arian’s dinner table. The reflection the half bottle of water, the fat novel, the yellow bowl full of watermelon (quiet as their white seeds), a pineapple, and pink dinner mats, all were still beside themselves in mahogany glass. Arian and Gabe were reviewing Gabe’s archive of entertainment, movies and music. Gabe had rolled a blue beanie into a ball.

“I started downloading again.”

“Why do you have the Princess Bride?”

“This is an awesome one.”

“He fights mega Antoya,” said Gabe, “the genius”

James turned to Arian

“I call him the pirate robin hood.”

“Do you know the guy from Wonder Years?” Gabe asked.


“You wanna watch it?”

“Yes you do.”

“Does it have a load-up time?” Arian said. “I just want to see an image of it. Are they like robots, aliens?”



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