John Tang

People and Things in a Bagel Shop

Posted in Sketchbook by Jt's Item Roster on May 21, 2010

People and Things in a Bagel Shop


Only round at the gut, his face was square as well as the brown hair, as well as the legs in a pair of leather boots. He was an older gentleman, had trimmed mustache that was gray as his shirt. Waiting for the bagel. Leaning on the hard spine of his seat. The table where the other elbow rested on was cold.



Elbows crossed, anchored on the table, she leaned over reading the newspaper. A rush of black characters on gray streaming today’s whereabouts. If it wasn’t for the stone and density call of the title, she wouldn’t have known the kidnapping of a Vietnamese woman, whose body was later found in Napa in the ditch full of dry shrubs.



After renovation, the room was painted in a solid rouge all around. A dark red which had left the bagel shop dimmer  from the inside looking out. There were a few white walls here and there, but usually were covered in a fire extinguisher, a trash can, oak cabinets for displays, and then the rest entire cooking and coffee-brewing and purchasing. On the end of both counters were plastic orchids, white at the petal and pink at the pouch, forever-appearing as fresh until someone’s was close enough, when he or she went to the bathroom at the end of the place.


The Conversationalist

Some white guy, a private business owner of some sort, overheard the police officer speaking to the owner of the bagel shop. Soon as he input his idea on politics, the owner—a small, bald Asian man—moved seamlessly away from the police officer, allowing the conversation to ensue. The police officer, held his dark fist tightly together. Only when he stood up did he the hands were open.

“I’ve been here for sixty-three years. All my children graduated went four-year university here in San Jose. You know, lobbyist, congress”

“You think we’re out of the woods.”

“I think we’re out of the woods”

“Are they passing that bill?”

“The house got to converge or not.”

“People don’t like change, whether you like it or not. Who used changed first, Obama. Change? Change? Whether you’re Republican or Democrate, change came from Obama.”

“I’m worried about jobs. I’m worried about California. Thirty-seven job-killing props were passed.”

“He is a guy, highly intelligent.”

“I’m not worried about it. He is. He comes off an anti-capitalist.”



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  1. arian said, on May 22, 2010 at 6:57 am

    have you read Stein’s Tender Buttons yet? It’s typical Stein fare, annoying repetition and disorienting absences of certain traditionally vital parts of speech and all, but these sketches reminded me a bit of her work, but leaving untouched in regards the style of hers and your work, since hers was deliberately avant garde. But here’s the complete work, I hope you can enjoy some of it (personally, I’ve enjoyed the excerpts I had to read in my poetry class):

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