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Warm Up

Posted in Sketchbook by Jt's Item Roster on May 13, 2010

Warm Up

The gears are slow tonight. Indifferent to write, tonight plays as if it was a relaxing time of absorbing, listening to music and reading a chapter or two. I just microwaved a cup of coffee, which I usually would exhaust on writing. But if I had a story tonight it would be called “At the Tennis Court.”

At the Tennis Court

After work I drove to Ruby st., where I played a game of tennis with freshmen students from Vanden High school. Nick, Stephen, and James, were their names. To simply remember their presence, aside from their humor of aids, abortions and foster parenting, to characterize their physical and tangible aspects were blond, bones and chubby. I asked if the school was still in shape, as I was a graduate in 2004: “Is sexual conduct still an issue there?”

“What?” Nick asked. “Sexual conduct?”

“Sorry, sexual affairs.”

They spoke amongst themselves. Stephen remembered there was a “hot” teacher who taught math class. At first I didn’t recall the name, as they focused the conversation on her full chest, the way she bit her lips amidst a tough question, and many students who flirted with her, except for her son, apparently. She was recently, this year, in trouble again for a sexual affair.

“Ms. Boul?”

“Yes, that it, Ms. Boul. Hurray, hurray. She’s hot.”

They celebrated and one of them threw their tennis racket on the fence (I believe it was James).

“Back in 2004,” I said. “She was had a sexual an affair with Mr. Woods—you don’t know him, but he was the P.E. teacher there, before your time. Or I think she was sexually harassed—either, she was always involved with sexual cases. A whore, I think.”




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  1. arian said, on May 14, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    I thought she looked like erica jiminez, which is NOT to say erica was whorish or a whore, or anything else negative like that. Who got it on with the sweaty old science teacher?

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