John Tang

WordPress Stats & Fastfood Coma

Posted in Sketchbook by Jt's Item Roster on April 11, 2010

WordPress Stats

About WordPress, I’m not sure how to read the statistics on the dashboard. Or rather I find the concept interesting. I wrote two blogs last month titled “Apartment Themes” and “Already Vegas on the Plane.” Sixteen people that day stumbled upon my post, according to the statistics. Half of those people, I guess, must have searched online for apartment designs, and the other half was researching places in Nevada, Las Vegas—homes and condominiums, perhaps. The latter was more believable. I laughed at the peak of viewers, as I average zero to four—who were probably fellow writers and artists (friends)—views a week, last month going into April. Simply the Vegas-week was compacted or had the potential to be full of exciting experiences, or it  could have been informative: The mustard carpet wouldn’t mute the spicy brown walls.  I sincerely didn’t know Hokusai’s poster of a tidal wave would drown out the green strips peeling off the wall.



Mnemonics: My brother once remembered Hokusai by a modern comedian who said, “Comb to side,” in stereotyping an Asian accent. Hear the resemblance? Ho-ku-sai and Comb-to-side. Parallel in syllables and enunciation. Amazing. The comedian was in a barbershop. His crown was balding, and he was finding ways in veiling the pink flesh, or as he called it, “The baboon’s ass.”


Morning Cheeseburger

I ate a double-cheese burger with large fries and medium cup of water. I felt  slow on top four hours of sleep. My friend was on his third essay on Tony Kushner’s Homebody/Kabal, and I’m waiting for him at Borders. He said he arrived from Palo Alto in forty-five minutes. Sadly, I couldn’t find the play in Borders. Compared to smaller cities in California like Vacaville, Fremont, and Concord, the Borders in San Francisco’s residential side was designed for students, built with a wide-span of tiles for spills, a home base of circuit breakers and many single tables that stood alone like Malaysian islands.

Note: Being awake in a coma, you’re mind trails anywhere. You can tell in the intervals phrase by phrase.

Across the parking lot was San Francisco University, so the lot was heavily secured with cameras on the roofs. Downhill, plenty of dry bark on the trees. Over the parking lot, men and women carrying their groceries, children and bags. There was the school housing, then the university. The blue windows and gray skies had an empty presence spread about SF, but today was the Cherry Blossom Festival, celebrated every year on the Filmore in Japan town.



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