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Dream Context

Posted in Sketchbook by Jt's Item Roster on April 9, 2010

Dream Context

Dreams tend to sneak through context. The backdrop. Objects in design. Humming where it is silent. I experienced a tragedy which cannot be averted: My mother past away. I cried through much what could be salvaged from the dream. Little instances where I wake up in the night, I was sweating as if it was a nightmare.

Opening scene: It seemed I knew the tragedy, as I was quiet, slumped in the passenger seat. Driving was Richard King, a childhood friend of mine I met in Guam.  Out the window were white dividers lined against the wall, perhaps protecting cars from the scraping the orange and rocky cliff. We had a distance driving down the middle lane. Then simply I asked, why did she want past away? Her bones ached. Every day she felt a pain in her arm, the muscle so tender and warm. I know outside the dream, my mother felt this pain in America, but in the dream I didn’t know where we were driving. We followed the hill into the sun. The road was wide, wounding around more roads, to further down where a tall bridge with a steep hump.

Here’s where I woke up during the night, yet I could only verify because the scene cuts seamlessly. The next scene opens on a space ship looking out on earth. My mom chooses to lie in a steel pod, finishing her remaining life. She was afraid of pain. She said, it was her time.

Later today I read an article on dreams of death. The author suggests, in example, the death of your mom, there is a lack of trust in the future; that you must nurture the future. I responded on the blog:

Hey Raisa,

Dream translation is an interesting concept. I had a dream my mother past away last night. Following a similar line you’re article poses, my analysis says, I have a fear of the future, or I lack nurturing the future. It’s true, when my mother made a choice of leaving, because her bones ache, she’s always tired after work.The world finally exhausted her presence. Relating it to the conscious world, I’m a little afraid leaving home for SF, when knowing my mom is going to be alone and tired back in Vacaville. Perhaps this subconsciously bothers me more than moving itself. The dream had visceral moments, vividness, that had me crying and sweating when I woke up in bed.

Good post.



Quick Review

Phrases are coming out sloppy.  Since work and other entertainments, I haven’t had a chance to write quietly, listening to myself closely. Work is inflated with tension during slow days. Lakers lost both games against Spurs and Nuggets. Soul Kahn did beat Aspire in the Canadian division, KODT. Kaylani Lei is still slim. Ja is busy. Case knows my angle now. I need to find a place tomorrow. How the stratosphere crumbles.



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